05 April 2023
Le 05 April 2023
All about our labels

Dedicated to respecting the land, we are committed to evolution and progress. It is in this sense that we encourage our winegrowing partners to adopt integrated and/or organic farming methods. The labels that each of our winegrowers and cooperative wineries carry allow us to guarantee this commitment to a sustainable development economy. National and international labels are the guarantee of our commitments. Learn about all our labels and how to decipher them !

What is the Organic Agriculture label ?

Our wines made with organic grapes carry the “AB” label and the Eurofoil. Probably the most recognizable labels for consumers, these clearly identify that the products bearing the label come from crops that respect the natural balance. The production methods thus respect the environment, animal welfare and biodiversity.

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What is the Terra Vitis label ?

The Terra Vitis label does not recognise wines made with organic grapes, but this certification affirms the commitment of winegrowers to find the best possible balance between respect for the environment and the economic sustainability of winegrowing operations. The goal could be explain as  “making quality wine, in the best possible way, now and in the future“.

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What is the Sustainable Winegrowing label ?

The Sustainable Winegrowing label is the first CSR and sustainably label dedicated to the wine field in France. It recognises the consideration given to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach in the production of its wines. The specifications are based on 4 fundamental pillars:

  • Acting for the environment;
  • Guarantee quality from the vine to the glass;
  • Supporting the local heritage;
  • Offering a fair price for the consumer and the producer.

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What is HEV (High Environmental Value) label ?

The High Environmental Value label is awarded according to strict regulations. It certifies that agricultural practices preserve the natural ecosystem and minimise pressure on the environment, such as soil, water, biodiversity, etc. Four indicators are used to measure the performance of practices :

  • Biodiversity preservation;
  • Phytosanitary strategy;
  • Fertilisation management;
  • Irrigation management.
What is the Bee Friendly label ?

It is clear from its name that the Bee Friendly label certifies that farmers who hold the certification are committed to the protection of pollinators. Winegrowers with this label implement bee-friendly production.

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What is the Eco Attitude Charter ?

The Eco Attitude Charter is our commitment to certify that we integrate environmental aspect into the creation of our products.

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